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Innovation for Education, Attainment and Success is open to all teachers from any nation in any learning environment. comes with several key benefits with our Standards Policy as described below.
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Standards Policy is dedicated to upholding good teaching practices regardless of the subject or indeed the environment in which the subject is being taught. It is therefore necessary to adhere to a strict policy regarding learning objects published via this medium so that the community of professionals sharing their ideas remains an uplifting and progressive experience.
  1. All learning objects should be submitted using the Standard Submission webpage which allows for certain checks to be made relating to document size, content and file type.
  2. All learning objects should be submitted in pdf format.
  3. All presentations should be submitted in pps format.
  4. All learning objects of which have fixed anwsers may be accompanied by answer sheets where possible. The member may want to use this opportunity as a revenue generator.
  5. All learning objects should have readable text in font size 12-14
  6. Learning objects should not have links to external websites except where the lesson requires the use of the internet and specific websites are required.
  7. Unfortunately due to the easy availability of this facility we must state the obvious that learning objects containing profanities, obscenities or any form of generally revolting content will not be accepted.
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